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Has announced its existing, successful Power supply Management portfolio based on the introduction of a new power management IC (PM IC s) product line. And processor-independent and independent application of the new WM83XX series (including the WM8310, WM8311 and WM8312) PMIC provides unprecedented programmability and superior performance, as manufacturers provide a letter to shorten time to market, improve the end- user experience and reduce total cost of ownership of the product portfolio.

PMIC is set such as mobile phones, navigation devices and media players and other consumer electronics products next to the central part of the application processor, which intelligently manage and optimize system power, thereby extending Battery Life. WM83XX series of unique design to ensure that their unlimited configuration options to work with all compatible applications and mobile graphics processor, including all ARM-based processor architectures also can be set for the other. Patented electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) interface technology to maximize the flexibility of the design process, allowing product designers need to PMIC according to the "one-time programmable" store coverage and rewritten several times, while making their improved design. They can easily meet the needs of product development and migration, which makes WM83XX be a choice not out of date.

Configuration also means WM83XX infinite series can be widely used in various consumer electronics products to help manufacturers achieve a PMIC solution that unified all their product mix, the product designer's life more easy and convenient.

New WM83XX series into Wolfson's unique BuckWise regulator technology. In the management of system power demand, while, PMIC must frequently deal with the user Switch Different functions in the power demand when the step signal. Rapid changes in power demand can lead to power output disturbance, which may cause the processor to run in the potential disruption. To prevent this, usually to add additional high-value external components, and / or to lower the processor speed to reduce the load current. Wolfson's new Buckwise regulator technology owned by the transient performance of the industry leading to solve these problems. This not only eliminates the need for external components, saving board space and reducing overall bill of materials (BOM) cost, and fully release the authenticity of the application processor can. This is to ensure that the level of user functionality to a new key, these functions include the handling of high-definition audio and video, run a true multi-tasking applications and so on.

Transient features of this enhanced power saving, the processor can run at lower voltage, increase power efficiency. System designers can choose to reduce processor power consumption up to 25%, more than the previous generations of regulators, or increase the processor speed up to 25%. Therefore, if smart phone designers can help users to achieve a longer multi-task applications, games, music players and video resolution is not compromised.

BuckWise regulator has also created an industry first, the first time valley mode control (VMC) program into PMIC. With shrinking geometries and lower voltage requirements, through the valley of Wolfson's unique mode of technology, designers can achieve at least the design from one technology node to another node in a seamless transition to ensure the next generation of applications and mobile compatible graphics processors, and the need to change power management design.

WM83XX the touch screen capabilities, real-time clock, low dropout voltage regulator, buck regulator, and for the backlight of the integrated boost regulator provides a highly integrated PMIC solution. WM8310, WM8311 and WM8312 are portable navigation system (PND), portable media players (PMP) and mobile phone optimized very easy to support, such as VOIP phones, digital photo frame and mobile Internet devices are widely used.
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Wolfson Launched Wm83xx Power Management Chip Series - Power Management Chip - The Electronics

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This article was published on 2010/10/28