Why You Would Prefer AcaiBurn to Acai Power?

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I was first enticed by Acai berries after I caught a feature article about them in Fitness magazine. The article discussed in objective detail the fruit's potent ability to complement a person's weight loss program to help him trim extra pounds safely, rapidly and naturally. It also went on to discuss the fruit's rich antioxidant content, which contributes to stronger, healthier cells and helps in the prevention of cancer and many chronic diseases.

Since I know that not all Acai berry derivative products are created equal, I tried out two different brands of Acai pills. I first tried Acai Power 500 through a free trial after hearing about it from a friend of mine who is a fan of Rachael Ray. After I finished off the bottle, I decided to look for another similar product with a free trial to make a comparison.

Luckily, when famed dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone guested on Oprah and Fox News, he led me down the path of finding this revolutionary product called AcaiBurn. Dr. Perricone became an avid user and endorser of Acai berry products after witnessing the fruit's amazing medical benefits. Fortunately, I qualified for a free trial bottle of AcaiBurn, so I tried it out.

I now prefer AcaiBurn to Acai Power because it just works faster. I started to see results within just 3 days of using AcaiBurn compared to a couple of weeks wait with Acai Power to get the same effects. I was quite impressed. My weight loss and maintenance problems are now solved forever, with the regular swallow of a single capsule!

Moreover, for the money-conscious (and who isn't these days), AcaiBurn is considerably cheaper than Acai Power 500. Its primary website is user-friendly, making it accessible to both new buyers and repeat users. I'm not spending another penny on Acai Power - AcaiBurn is the supplement for me.

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Why You Would Prefer AcaiBurn to Acai Power?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28