When Do You Need a Power Screwdriver?

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For some of us, shopping at online stores like Lowes or Northern Tool and Equipment can be overwhelming. There are so many tools on the market that it can become confusing to know which ones you really need. One tool, the power screwdriver, is something every household should have. Your manual screwdriver may do the same job, but a power one will do it quicker and more efficiently. So, if you're thinking that your trusted old screwdriver will do, look below at how a power one will be needed.

Hanging Blinds

When you are trying to hang blinds in your windows, it can be all but impossible to get the screw into the drywall (let alone plaster for older homes). You have to start the hole with a nail and hammer and hope that you don't hit it too hard and create too large of a hole for the screw to fit snuggly. With a power screwdriver, you are able to start the hole and ensure that the screw fits snuggly into place without ever worrying about using a separate tool.

Putting Together Furniture

If you have ever bought a piece of furniture that needs assembly, then you can appreciate just how handy a power screwdriver can be in this instance. With dozens of screws to work with, it can take hours to assemble just one bookcase, but with a power screwdriver, you are able to do it within minutes. The tools come with various tips so that when the different pieces call for a different styled head screwdriver, with a simple snap you are ready to go to work. This device will also help to relieve you from aches and pains from constantly turning the screwdriver manually; your wrists can become weak and sore after just a few screws when you have to use force to tighten them in place.


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Hanging Pictures

When you are hanging pictures or other artwork in the home, it can be a tedious enough job to get them lined up, placed properly and measured just right. Don't waste valuable time and energy trying to hammer in nails that give; use screws that offer more security and strength and use a power screwdriver.

A power screwdriver is of course useful in many projects around the home--it can tackle anything that would require a manual screwdriver of any styled head. If you are planning on purchasing a few tools for around the home, make sure you include a power screwdriver in that list of items you need. Look around for some great deals on the Internet; you can even find coupons or coupon codes that will help save you money on your purchase. Just enter the codes into the checkout screen and apply to see your instant savings. Some offers will even include free shipping, so don't waste your money--look for the best deal.

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When Do You Need a Power Screwdriver?

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This article was published on 2011/01/12