Tips on Saving Energy at Home

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The following advice can truly assist you if you want to reduce your power bill and also reduce the carbon footprint we create. This energy-saving advice is only tip of the iceberg and the full picture of saving money on your power bills can be exposed when you create your own home solar power system or wind power system. If you want to reduce or totally get rid of your expense on power I strongly recommend you will look at the electricity saving tips here.

All the tips below are grouped into categories according to use of electricity in the house and you can decide what and how to use them based on your priorities and understanding.

Air condition (for heating and cooling home)

-The AC filters should be cleaned every summer and winter. By that your AC will be much more effective therefore a lot of saving.

-Place the temperature on 77°F (25°C) during summer time and 66°F (19°c) during winter. Any one degree raise means 2-5% more energy use.

-Run a thorough review of your home looking for gaps from which the air can come in. Start from your foundation and cellar, look at your windows and see if there is a gap when they are closed, check your attic for insulation. Once you found a gap go to your local DIY store and consult with the expert on the best and cheapest way to close this crack

-Close your curtains throughout summer (they are very good insulators)

-Additional information about energy saving tips can be found at site

-Use Fluorescent bulbs as a replacement of normal light bulbs. They have various colors so if the white light does not suit you, there is also a warm yellow alternative

-Check if you can reduce the strength of your light in your house (measured in Watts). Most of the time, small amount of Watt is sufficient.

Heating Water

-Use fast heater to heat water for showers

-It is proven that close baths can save a lot since heating tepid water is faster hence cheaper then heating cold water

-A water heating system can save a lot. A solar one can save even more.

Home appliances

-It is a long time myth that you don't have to turn off the computer but on the other hand it eat electricity much more then strong light bulb, so make sure you turn it off when you are not using it.

-Each electricity appliance has an power rating where it varies from A (most efficient) to G (less efficient). Check your appliances rating at home and think about replacing them if required.

-Install stone remover on the water line to your home. It will save you a lot of money with stony appliances such as coffee makers or water heaters.

-Use cleverly your refrigerator or freezer  load it up to 75% of its volume, reduce the number of times your open the refrigerator door, and make sure that the insulating rubbers are unharmed

-In your refrigerator make sure that the cooling and freezing temperatures are correct (you simply can play with it and find the right temperature).

-Fill the dishwasher to the right volume

Clothes cleaning and drying

-Warm days can save you a lot by drying your clothes outside and not using your dryer. Did you know Dryer add about 7% to your monthly power costs.

-Dry singly the synthetic clothes from the cotton ones. There are different drying times for each one of them

-Using the regular temperature in your machine versus using the boil machine means 40% difference in your power your clothes with 90° you add 40% to your energy consumption.

Other tips

-Consult with your local energy company for lesser rates times and adjust your habits accordingly (for example many companies support use of energy consuming appliances during night so you can decide to operate your dryer these hours

-Change your energy usage behavior. It is all in your head!

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Tips on Saving Energy at Home

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This article was published on 2010/03/29