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At long last, in the history of personal development, something new and positive and that really makes sense has appeared. The Principles of Authentic Power, a set of CDs compiled by Joe Caruso, has taken this market niche by storm. Packed with real experiences and a hard, fact based philosophy, you can, for the first time, believe in a program that will take you to the next level as an individual. It will allow you, probably for the very first time in your life, to wrest control of your life path away from happenstance, and put it firmly within your own reach.

The problem with the old personal development programs is that they try to teach how to control the uncontrollable. What the Principles of Authentic Power has discovered is how to pick out the controllable from the uncontrollable, and give you a focus for all of your energies.

Joe Caruso recounts how, at the tender age of only 18, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer; the big C; the one thing that most of us dread. It was while he was preparing himself for things to come that a nurse looking after him, revealed certain truths to Joe that were to change his future, and sure enough, Joe is still alive and kicking today. But more that that! Not only is he still very much alive, he has become a guru in the personal development field, recognized by many as the founder of a new truth. He has won international plaudits for his work and attends conventions all over the world wherever people have demanded to hear his message from him, delivered in person. Now anyone, anywhere, can have access to this astounding new philosophy by obtaining a copy of the CD set: The Principles of Authentic Power.

The revelations that came to Joe in his 18th year set him on a course in the pursuit of truth, to learn how to be able to take charge of events; how to influence his own future. The fruits of his labors led him to understand how to take control of crucial elements in the chaotic world that we all live in today. The very science that we have all come to rely on, (even the social structures that we have created), have spawned this chaos; a place where you are controlled by the events going on around you. The Principles of Authentic Power explains that the only power you as an individual can exert is on yourself. It will teach you that trying to change what is going on around you is fool's errand. But what you can change is how you as a person can react to what is going on in your sphere of the world.

The CD set, the Principles of Authentic Power, will lay bare:

* The discovery of power in situations, whether or not you can influence them.

* The path to the knowledge you seek and how to harness its power.

* How to engage with events and get results.

* How we are the authors of our own personality.

* How to influence things and turn negatives into positives.

* How to conquer your fears.

* How power comes from surrender.

* Recognizing when the deck is stacked against you and knowing when to fold.

* When to exert control, and when to exert influence.

* Recognizing your weaknesses and forcing them to dissipate.

* Enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

* How to help others benefit from your knowledge.

Being able to control our lives is something that most of us yearn after, but you will come to realize that simply chasing after that yearn will not make it happen. The Principles of Authentic Power will help you to understand that the power already lies within yourself. You simply need to come to terms with that, and using the steps that are laid out in the CD set that Joe Caruso has made available to you, learn how to get the very best out of each and every situation. By taking your own journey along this road you will reach true fulfillment

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The Principles of Authentic Power by Joe Caruso

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This article was published on 2011/04/09