The Importance of Battery Backup

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It used to be that only big corporations used battery backup. Whether it was in the form of a fancy in-house uninterruptible power system (UPS) or an expensive stand-alone model it was generally not given a thought as to home use. Things have changed and prices have come down over the years. Now, every home should have some form of battery backup for its computer system. A UPS system can benefit you in the following three ways:

• Prevent data loss and file corruption
• Keep your expensive hardware safe from damage
• Help save on your energy bills

Have you ever been in the middle of typing up a report or long email and all of a sudden the power goes out? Even just a second is long enough to force a computer to reboot. This can be maddening not just because you probably lost your train of thought but, more importantly, because you lost your data! A battery backup system will prevent this from happening. How many of us have experienced brownouts or the dreaded rolling blackout? You need not fear this with a UPS. If the power cuts off and stays off you simply save all your work and turn off the computer.

Another advantage of battery backup is that it will keep your sensitive computer equipment safe from power surges and a less-than-consistent power supply. Many of today's higher-end backup units offer automatic voltage regulation (AVR). This ensures a steady, regulated supply of power is delivered to your computer and its peripherals. This is important because even small changes in an electrical charge can have a negative effect on the sensitive parts of modern electronics. Additionally, most UPS devices protect your phone line, cable line, and network line when run through them.

Since a UPS device is basically just a big, smart battery, it can help save on your power bills. The latest models include GreenPower Technology or EnergyStar Technology. This means software built into the battery backup device will be able to shut down peripherals when they are not in use. You simple program the unit to decide which outlets will have this feature available to them. Best of all, today's UPS devices run much cooler than older models so you need not worry about additional cooling costs in the summer.

You can now see why having a battery backup system in place is a great idea for any homeowner with a desktop computer. Whether you are looking to keep your system safe from power spikes, are afraid of losing any data, or just want to be a little greener, both in power and your wallet, you should definitely invest in a UPS.

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The Importance of Battery Backup

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This article was published on 2010/12/16