Taking A Power Nap: Top Tips For Power Napping

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A power nap is a short but powerful sleep. Typically it's around twenty minutes long and, done properly, can help to recharge your batteries and leave you prepared for the world again, fully refreshed. So, what are the best ways to catch a power nap?

Find somewhere you won't be disturbed

This may sound obvious but unless you've been practising the art of power napping for your whole lifetime, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to power nap in somewhere that's doing a good impression of Grand Central Station.

So long as the location is peaceful enough, it doesn't much matter whether you sit or lie down for your power nap session. But you shouldn't be disturbed before your time is up.

Hang a note on the door if need be. And definitely make sure everyone near you knows what's happening.

Set your alarm

One of the things that a lot of power napping beginners worry about is whether they'll wake up from their nap on time or whether their body will just think that it's in for a long, 8 hour, sleep.

Setting an alarm gets rid of this worry. Most cell phones have some kind of alarm or countdown timer on them and that will work fine for this.

At its most basic, setting an alarm means that your conscious mind can tick the box that says "I'm going to wake up on time" and therefore allow you to concentrate on the napping side of things.

Learn to chill fast

The kind of instant relaxation that a power nap calls for is a skill that we had as a child but we've forgotten as we get older. So you need to re-learn it.

Don't worry if your first few attempts at power napping seem a bit half-hearted. Just go with the flow and learn how to get your whole body to relax in record time (but without stressing about doing it!)

One of the easiest methods is to simply gently "command" each part of your body in turn to relax. Working your way up from your toes is good. Imagining those body parts whose names you haven't remembered since school is fine. Just let each part of your body relax and then stay relaxed as you move on to the next part.

Have your own quiet place in your mind

A lot of people find that they have certain places where they're almost instantly relaxed. Whether that's the beach or a forest glade or a hill top doesn't really matter. You'll know the best place for you.

Then vividly imagine being there rather than curled up in a chair in a corner of the office.

Bring all the details up into full high definition. Much like when you sat inches away from the television as a child to make yourself more involved with Bugs Bunny or whoever.

Turn the colors up, turn the sound down (you're trying to sleep!) but keep it in high definition, let the scents drift across your nose. Just revel in the peace and tranquility of your own, special, quiet place and enjoy your power nap!

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Taking A Power Nap: Top Tips For Power Napping

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This article was published on 2011/07/19