Stillness-The Sweetest Song

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Stillness-The Sweetest song

The world has become busy and chaotic and we feel jammed in a traffic.

There is stress and strain in our daily activity and we feel frustrated.

In this busy world we feel like helpless child inspite of all the potentialities.

We become swayed with worries and anxieties and find no way out.


Seeing our pathetic state we think to quit our job as if there is no solution.

Inspite of all hurdles and worries and anxieties there is a current in life.

This current keeps us alive and we constantly derive power from this divine current.

This current has tremendous power and we can achive many things if we just merge ourselves in the current.


The great ocean has a main current underneath over which all the lives in ocean are sustained.

This current gives the ocean direction and the waves dance with joy and vibration all the time.

Simillarly our  mental ocean has a current underneath and from this we derive our power.

We work perfectly and sincerely by the power of the current and with out our knowledge we do many things.


We should realise the power and potency of that current in our lives.

Inspite of worries,anxieties and concern we should stand still amidst the battle.

We should develop creative stillness in life and see how beautifully we will carry out the battle.

Victory is sure if we have the stillness with us ,which will provide us strength all the time.


Mental stllness protects us from many physical diseases and we should develop it and live with it.

Freeing the mind from all the distractions is called stillness by which the sweetest songs of life are heard

Feeling tranquil and calm all the time we can do our duty perfectly and sincerely and feel no tiredness.

While at work we will silently sing the song of life and there will be sweeter thought processes.


Behind the tension agitated person there is a zone of peace and calmness from which he contantly derives his powers.

We should work in a detached manner deriving power from our zone of peace and calmness.

From this zone we should deal with all and there will be better understanding.

We can love all and contribute to our organisation more and live happily and contentedly.


Still ness-the virtue is like a light house in this world of pain,worries and anxieties.

It is the bedrock in our life over which we perform all our duties.

By mental meditation all the time and physical austerities we can have it.

We can give our life a great strength and feel calmer and brighter contributing more to family and society.

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Stillness-The Sweetest Song

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This article was published on 2010/09/26