Standby Power for Uninterrupted Work

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Generating electric engines have long been used for producing standby power which is essential for businesses, hospitals, schools, military installations, etc. amongst others. Heavily used is as an alternative for mains power, the standby power solutions are the perfect option to meet out the challenge of power cut. Data centers and banks need uninterrupted power supply for the reason that these serve their clients or customers and that can be done only when there is uninterrupted operation.

Standby power generators come in two types; the first ones are the literal standby power generators which provide temporary power supply and used only when there is break in main power supply. On the other hand, there are Prime Power Generators which unlike Standby Power Generators are used for permanent production and supply of electricity i.e. the time or duration of the operation is different for the two.

The differences between standby power generators and prime power generators are also evident on their respective designs. One important aspect of standby generators is that these are designed to power up to full power but for only limited time or duration i.e. till the main power supply is restored. These generators cannot be used for extended time. The prime power generators on the other hand take long time in getting started and generate power up to full load. Moreover, these are tad expensive in comparison to the standby power generators.

It would be foolish to install a standby generator and use it for prime power purposes and vice versa. They are each designed for their specific application and should only be used for that. Hospitals or business offices often use standby generators as a source of three-phase or single-phase power so that the existing supply of electricity can be continued. Such a supply can be assured by either UPS or by the electricity generators.

UPS batteries provide alternative power supply when there is failure on the part of main connection. Used to power computers and other critical equipments, UPS are considered vital for modern day business activities and corporate functioning. When an AMF or automatic mains failure is installed it monitors the mains power supply and whenever that goes off it starts the generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Thus, ensuring non-stop functioning by offering uninterrupted power supply, standby power generators are the requirement of the hour for corporate world that are looking for non-stop production or services.

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Standby Power for Uninterrupted Work

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This article was published on 2011/08/10