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In the year of 2005 the power monkey was launched and was the first and foremost portable power device that was launched by the company named as Power traveler. The power monkey is the device which can be made easily compatible with other devices such as iPods, mobile phones, hand held games, GPS and PDA units. The power monkey can be matched with other top ten devices which includes an iPod tip. In the year of 2009, the power monkey upgraded just to ensure its compatibility with the devices of four additional colors which were launched in the year 2009. These colors were blue, pink, purple and black and belonged to the apple iPhone.

Imagine if you are out on vacation and sitting on a beach Bahamas Islands. Your most preferred companion has just played its last tune. What would be worse than that? What if you have a Power Monkey portable charger which will re-charge your iPod and you get back to your style again. All your electronic handheld devices such as PSPs, PDAs, and iPods will run out of charge often at the terrible moment. With the portable pack, you can just keep rocking on and on.

A person can easily charge the power monkey in one of two ways - from the USB or from the mains switch board. Just to make sure that the charge of the power monkey is full, a person can easily charge it from the mains, in this case it will require 3 hrs or if a person wants to charge from USB than it will charge the power monkey in 5 hrs. Once the power monkey is charged fully then the power monkey can easily charge other electronic devices, it can charge the mobile three times once it is fully charged. A fully charged power monkey can give DS and PSP user five hrs and iPod users forty hrs of power. It is a great device if one is travelling or going to an area where the electricity supply is irregular.
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Power Monkey

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This article was published on 2010/12/10