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Power golf instruction books are written by masters of golf, and are the key to longer shot distance driving.
If you are falling behind in your driving distance off the tee box by twenty or thirty yards. If your iron shots are not landing where you would like them to, then this has a major effect on your game, not to mention your handicap. So how can you remedy this. Well the first thing I want you to understand is this, age or gender has nothing to do with starting to correct this problem. You can begin right now if you want to.

Power golf instruction books are designed to show you how you can change and develop your actual swing, regardless of how long you are using it.

That's right no matter how long you have been using your normal swing, you can start adding twenty or thirty yards extra within a very short period of time. This of course depends on how much time and practice you put into the new driving techniques.

For example, the power required to give you that extra distance does not need to come from hours upon hours in the local gym pumping iron.

This power is already in your swing movements, the only problem is you are not harnessing it properly.
What you need to do is examine closely your actual driving techniques. You will find from the diagrams and easy to read techniques in your golf instruction book , that you are not too far away from having that power drive which is alluding you at the moment.

If you look for corrections in how you address the ball, for instance, your focus. Do you lose concentration before you strike the ball because you are trying to get all the other little parts of your swing right.
This is a critical element in you losing power in your swing. You must remember, total focus is required from the moment you begin the upward path of your swing right all the way through to impact on what we call in golfing parlance as, on the meat. If you are following the correct golf instruction book then these techniques will be pointed out to you, and remedied.

The reason you are not gaining that extra twenty or thirty yards on your drives can be for lots of other bad habits, such as, moving your legs before you strike the ball. You could be breaking your wrist movement also before the strike, your hips may not be turning in synchronization with your bottom half of the body. Your head may be coming up too soon. This is a major fault for all golfers male and female, this is because we want to see where our shot has gone. All these movements dissipate the power and the energy fractionally, but that's all it takes to reduce your drive distance by that lethal twenty or thirty yards.

Just think about it. Every drive you take could gain you that vital twenty or thirty yards further down the fairway. Hopefully then all you need to reach the green is one more shot, depending on the par, and distance of course. To do this will have a major impact on your game, your confidence, and most importantly, your handicap. A professionally written golf instruction eBook, can solve all these problems for you right now.
It is a wonderful feeling to land on the green and be in for a birdie, or a par chance, rather than hoping for the par and ending up with a bogey, or two.

So my friend in golf, The choice is yours, birdies, or bogeys. It's all down to you.

I wish you all the best in your future golfing.


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Power Golf Instruction Books

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This article was published on 2010/04/02