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The way we live today requires the power of electricity, this need is a necessity which is hard to live without. Portable inverter generators can be an important part of your emergency kit. A very verstile unit to have if the situation demands a power source.
The great thing about the range of inverter generators which are presented on the market today is that the common specifications of them and the concept of their controls is quite easy.

Simply put a portable generator is an electrical machine that will convert electricity resulting from an express current source to another current that can then be recycled to power an AC domestic device, basically an item which is plugged in. This process which changes this power is all fused within one unit which then accomplishes power needed efficiently.

Their currents generated are steady and uninterrupted, this is the reason delicate apparatus can be powered through them, you get no abrupt power surges and cut outs from inverter generators currently available on the market.

If in a difficult circumstance, a portable generator might just do the trick for your need; these units are very helpful for maintaining your essentials. There are other uses which dont just involve an emergency situation a lot of campers and caravan owners also use these units.

The good thing about these units is due to them being moveable by one person and is still able to produce enough power without compromising on moveability. The units are generally lightweight enough for one person to move. Quite a few lightweight inverters have the means to produce power for up to 12 hours without the need for refuelling.

There are many makes and brands and supply a good variety to select from as your choice depends on what you need it for. One company which does this is Yamaha Their range starts with the Yamaha ef1000is inverter generator and goes to 3000AC output (Yamaha ef3000ise) and beyond as a rule you will see that the bigger the output, the weightier and more expensive they will be. However the more powerful, the more items you will be able to put through them.

The other advantages to having an Inverter Generator are:

  • The space they take up is minimal compared to full-size generators.
  • Inverters are very quiet.
  • The operation of them is simple and easy to get to grips with.
  • Ideal for emergency use.
  • The units can run more complex gear such as laptops, DVD players, Televisions or even coffee makers. These units can also  a microphone or music devices at an outdoor social event.
  • You are also able to power a garden kitchen.
  • Lastly you can also use them along side your RV, boat and motorcycle.


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Inverter Generators

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This article was published on 2011/09/30