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Freedom from power bills... well that is the dream anyway. More and more people are looking into cutting down on their electric bills, cutting the bills out completely, or in some cases looking to make money by providing excess electricity to the power companies.

The reasons for setting up your house to run off of solar energy are as follows:

  1. Go Green - People are looking to cut back on their power consumption in order to help out the environment.
  2. Save Money - People are looking for alternatives to paying the power company increasingly higher prices every month and hop solar power will cut their bills down or remove them entirely.
  3. Make Money - Since the power companies are legally required to pay you market value for the excess power you feed back onto the grid, many people are looking at solar power as a means to make a little side money.
  4. Convenience / Comfort - Many people would love to be able to run their air conditioners throughout those long hot summers without having to worry about the insane power bills that usually accompany the summer months and air conditioning.

The main problem with setting up a solar power system is the price. Solar cells and solar panels are extremely expensive. There are several ways you can save quite a bit of money on solar cells and solar panels. The two most common ways to get these items cheaply is to either make them yourself or repair broken ones, which you can typically get dirt cheap. If you are worried about taking this on, don't worry about it, there are many guides out there that provide you with pictures and step-by-step instructions. These guides typically give you instructions on how to build the solar cells and panels, where to get them, how to repair them, and what you will need.

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Home Made Solar Cell

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This article was published on 2010/03/26