Gasification Biomass And Anaerobic Digestion Plants: Power For Bright Future

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Nature has given us so much that we can get it from artificial sources. Most of the gains we get from nature are free of cost. However, we need better ways to use these sources to optimize the extraction. Some efforts in this direction have become the landmark for the generations to come. Gasification Biomass Power Plant Project and Anaerobic Digestion Power Plant Project are the two, which are known for their long time human welfare objects. Bamboo is the natural product that is used in different forms for different purposes.

The species of bamboo selected for energy crops is from the Bambusa Balcooa family of grasses. The bamboo has the potential as an energy crop of yielding 20 tones per acre year three and 35 tones per acre year three. By year four, the bamboo can be mechanically harvested and produce on average, up to 65 tones per acre per annum, with a lifespan of up to 50 years. Each tissue culture sapling is identical, asexual, non evasive, non flowering and has a density a density of 5 times greater than any other species of bamboo. It can be cultivated in all types of soil where there is sufficient water availability or where climatic conditions such as in the equatorial regions offer a natural environment for cultivation.

Gasification Biomass Power Plant Project was initiated by Yuken India Limited (YIL) located in Bangalore, Karnataka, to install a 4MW/h gasification biomass power plant in the last quarter 2011. Up to 2.5MW/h is expected to be consumed by YIL manufacturing operations directly, with the balance of electricity being generated being sold to the State of Karnataka. The planning to secure a direct supply of electricity was the result of vertical integration of supply chain in order to guarantee the power supply to critical parts.

Anaerobic Digestion Power Plant Project is located in Salem, Tamilnadu. It was upgraded to 10MW/h. The plant is currently operational. The company intends to sell the electricity through short term power purchase agreements with direct end users at an average price of between US $0.14-18 KW/h, which will be incorporated under an umbrella 15 year guaranteed Power Purchase Agreement.

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The company has a strong experienced management team with a track record of success and the operational expertise, personnel and third party partnerships to enable the business to perform in line with its business plan and to enable it to meet or surpass its financial forecasts and projections.

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Gasification Biomass And Anaerobic Digestion Plants: Power For Bright Future

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Gasification Biomass And Anaerobic Digestion Plants: Power For Bright Future

This article was published on 2011/12/01