Disadvantages of Laptops

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Laptops are personal computers that can be used anywhere with the ability to function on a battery life. You can bring it along during trips without having to plug them into an outlet. This handy tool for information has a lot of advantages. However, you should also know its disadvantages.

When it comes to the computing speed, laptops do not have a great computing power. Since they have smaller parts, they also have a smaller power supply. Unlike the traditional desktop, they do not have the motherboard, hard drive and heat-dispensing fans, which require more power from the supply. At times, they also do not have access to some powerful hardware so some programs may not run smoothly or may not run at all. As for the upgrading ability, there are some hardware parts which may not be upgraded. Desktops are easier to upgrade since the parts a less expensive. Upgrading the machines is a manner of keeping up with technology and prevents the need of buying a new computer. The battery power is a good feature of laptops but can also be a downfall. It is vital since it is what distinguishes it from personal computers. The battery power allows you to use it without plugging it and permits you to move it anywhere. However, the battery is limited to time. The more you work on it, the more power it will use from the battery and little time you will have to utilize it. Laptops can also be sensitive to diverse damages. If the screens get broken, it is hard to repair them since they are attached to the PCs. With a desktop, you can change or fix it without affecting the other parts.

Laptops are useful but can be a huge problem if it gets broken. By knowing its weaknesses and disadvantages, you can become aware of its proper use and maintenance. So try to search more about discount laptop.


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Disadvantages of Laptops

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This article was published on 2011/01/12