Designing A Logical Authentication Strategy

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In this activity, you must use what you learned in all MCTS: Windows Vista and apply it to a real-world situation. Read the scenario and then complete the exercises that follow. You can find answers for the exercises in the "Questions and Answers" section at the end of this chapter.
Your consulting firm has been hired to design the authentication strategy for City Power & Light. After several meetings with key City Power & Light personnel, you have compiled the following information.
Company Background
City Power & Light got its start in the last century as the first electric power company in the Midwest. Its extraordinary growth over the years through expansion and merger have meant that little planning or direction in the way of business objectives has been applied to the IT infrastructure.
Existing Environment
A distributed management infrastructure means that each of five major locations has its own data center. Throughout the organization, Windows and UNIX client systems and servers of every type imaginable are used. The vast majority of the client and server systems are MCTS Certification. Users can have multiple accounts so that they can access the resources they need to do their job. All data centers are connected via a private, leased line. Many power plants and branch offices use the Internet for communications. At least three Windows forests exist. The Headquarters Architecture Logical diagram indi?cates the location of resources that all employees should be able to access. The corpo?rate headquarters forest is the forest. Forests for other locations are referred to by numbers.
Following is a list of company personnel interviewed and their statements:
CIO "We have a mandate to consolidate and standardize wherever possible. The current situation will not be tolerated. There will be an umbrella security policy established in coordination with all locations and divisions, but under corporate control. Other locations can change the policy, but only
CompTIA it will make their operation more secure. We are looking for specific recommendations from you on

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Designing A Logical Authentication Strategy

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