Communications Products Supporting The Recent Concern About Energy-saving Innovation

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"High voltage DC power supply" to promote joint problem facing

Yancheng branch of China Telecom with the actual needs, in Yancheng, Jiangsu Telecom launched a large-scale high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power technology, trial work, a comprehensive, large-scale use of alternative communication HVDC UPS power supply, with very good energy other aspects of the effect of making room 40% reduction in power, and in January 2010 won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of China Telecom Group, and its depth and breadth of the trial is the first time at home and abroad.

HVDC success of the pilot phase, causing the industry's communication power supply manufacturers eager attention. Eaton Power (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. SCIENGE product manager for North Asia, said: "The technology has been in nearly a decade of scientific research abroad, and China Telecom was the first to dare to eat crabs. But the technology can not completely replace the short term AC power supply. "Experts believe that the promotion of the technology still faces two difficulties now.

Difficult one: open up the whole industry chain. Despite the high voltage DC power supply has many advantages, but the current IT equipment and communications equipment room itself or 220V AC power supply according to the original design, so its marketing needs together to complete the whole industry chain. The power of manufacturers, to provide DC power supply technology is facing a very real problem: IT equipment, and other load carriers is difficult to judge after a problem is the load power supply manufacturers or manufacturer's responsibility.

"China Telecom first began pushing in 2006, HVDC, and after 5 years to achieve a successful pilot project in Jiangsu Province", ZTE product director Wang Dongxu dynamic product line, said, "This is good, but the program can be seen promote some of the difficulties existing in the process. "He believes that the greatest resistance comes from the promotion server manufacturers.

Second difficulty: the need for international support. It seems the manufacturers, from China's three major operators demand, promotion of high-voltage DC power supply technology is in constant forward. However, the technology can be widely used by the global market. So manufacturers have called for, want more recognition of foreign manufacturers, including some of the server field of manufacturing giant with international influence to support, relying on the power of a professional or an area of the communications industry's efforts are not enough. (Huang Haifeng)

Concern 1: Telecom data center energy innovations

AIRSYS will launch a hot air conditioners ONSPOT

AIRSYS ONSPOT hot air conditioners with central feature of the data, particularly data center to eliminate hot spots and design. According to Zhang Lu AIRSYS company introduced the product as integral units, the user simply moves to the hot position unit, connect the power supply to eliminate hot spots, like fire extinguishers the same.

When the room appears hot, the hot issue for the simple solution, users generally use the method of reducing the room temperature, which makes the whole room's air conditioning energy consumption increased by 10% immediately. But with ONSPOT air conditioning, you do not need to waste this energy. Since most of the cabinet is not overheating, which makes the managers to consider the room's temperature from 24 up to enhance some, such as raised to 28 . If there is overheating in the cabinet 28 to ONSPOT air conditioners can be used to meet these requirements the amount of hot to cold, will control the overall room temperature is still controlled at 28 , but also to ensure the normal operation of communications equipment, allowing operators from save a lot of air conditioning energy consumption overall.

It is understood that the air conditioning is not yet available, portable air conditioners are compared to other products on the market, which can provide a more powerful cooling effect.

ZTE's Core Network Power products ZXDU88 Series

In 2009, ZTE ZXDU88 series was born. ZTE's product line, according to product manager Wang Dongxu power introduced, the system has a number of representatives of the highest level of today's power electronics technology innovation, reflects ZTE's highest level of communication power technology.

In energy efficiency, the system efficiency of over 94%, is technically a "breathing power management" sleep power consumption as low as 4W below RoHS5 meet environmental standards. In addition, the system uses a comprehensive energy efficiency of the rectifier and the system, significantly reducing OPEX.

June 2009, ZTE's first with the Bureau ZXDU88 telecommunications operator MTN in South Africa in the opening, ZXDU88 also become the first operator in overseas high-end return to the country after the successful application of "returnees" ZTE power products.

Concern 2: Communication Base Station Rooms saving innovative products

Eaton UPS energy generation DXRT Series

Eaton has introduced a new generation of high-end IT power protection equipment DXRT Series UPS (1-10kVA), can easily cope with unplanned downtime and data security problems. In energy efficiency, the product of the high input and output power factor, high efficiency, low input harmonics designed to improve power conversion efficiency, improve utilization of network resources, effectively reducing the grid harmonic feedback pollution, also significantly reduced its own heat generation, reduced system noise impact of the application, in line with the new design concept of green power light, but also for users to reduce operating costs.

Eaton's staff told reporters, DXRT Series UPS can be a good match has been the widespread use of modern input power factor correction circuit of the computer equipment, the rack tower exchange, LCD graphic display of culture, meet different levels of IT administrators management needs and user experience. In addition, DXRT Series UPS by Eaton sophisticated power protection technology worldwide, the data room to improve IT efficiency and reliability of the system to ensure information security. The product can be for communications, VoIP and other equipment to provide reliable power protection.

Equipment room cooling system (DCS)

And Zhejiang University jointly proposed based on the "object-oriented cooling method", medium energy (Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang medium) developed an energy-efficient mobile communications room / base station equipment distributed cooling system DCS. The cooling system is mainly used to regulate the communications room air temperature and humidity, and room air purification station. DCS system with "object-oriented cooling method" of advanced concepts, "distributed cooling" efficient system design, while incorporating the "dual-compressor system and the refrigerant cycle", to effectively improve the system reliability, cooling efficiency and security .

The product is self-developed medium-range energy-saving micro-computer control system, easy operation, reasonable structure, cooling capacity, easy to move and high reliability. The product is based on the actual devices need to provide cold source, suitable for unattended work environment, significantly lower than conventional air conditioning energy consumption more than 30%, with significant energy savings.

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Communications Products Supporting The Recent Concern About Energy-saving Innovation

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