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The transition to VoIP include many factors to be considered. However, many network and voice professionals, a problem easily overlooked is to ensure the smooth operation of VoIP need additional power. According to some experts, the VoIP power, especially when the use of Power over Ethernet, require a large amount of additional overhead. For many, this additional power consumption that they are very unexpected.

Delphi CEO GaryAudin has written a great deal of power with the VoIP-related articles. He said that in order to implement VoIP over Ethernet is only the first step. You also need to supply more equipment.

Audin said, as more companies switch to LAN switches with Power over Ethernet power supply technology for VoIP applications, many companies can not guarantee wiring closet and data centers to handle the increased power consumption. In some cases, the need to install new wall outlets to run power over Ethernet switches. In extreme cases, a large company may need to rely on their own public utility companies for this office to provide more power.

Audin of each hour of a phone to make a simple prediction, VoIP needs to run than traditional TDM phones to increase about 30% to 40% the power. In a cabinet to run more devices will also increase the heat, the need for additional cooling. It also needs more power.

Audin recommended to consider using Ethernet in the enterprise should first consider their cabinets have enough power to supply.

Analog, mixed-signal semiconductor company and the acquisition earlier this year, Microsemi Power over Ethernet vendor PowerDsine. Microsemi's product line manager for DanielFeldman said, VoIP phone power consumption can increase the number of required functionality, while the basic IP phone power consumption is very small. Feldman said that companies should plan in advance before the telephone number, and phone number and the phone's power consumption. He said it was important to determine the scale of power. Analysis.

Feldman added that the analysis should consider the IP phones, IPPBX, switches, and cooling systems across the power consumption. In many cases, the switch requires more than the cross-power. As a rule of thumb, when considering the power supply, your pay will be rewarded.

Improve productivity more than the increase in power costs

Cisco switch network system solutions product marketing manager FredWeiller said that although Ethernet is more expensive than it appears to increase the equipment and power costs, but to save a company will benefit .

Weiller said, using the Ethernet does encourage companies are consuming more power. You must be wireless LAN access point or IP phone power supply. You have to use different ways to power these devices. You still have the same power consumption.

Weiller argued that due to the current management and Power over Ethernet is configured, it will provide a more appropriate redundancy. Power over Ethernet can also increase productivity, reduce removal, growth and change equipment. These factors can reduce the overall cost Power over Ethernet applications.

He said that you made in some areas, cost-effective, but also do better in other ways. We say that Ethernet is more expensive there. A company can be recovered from the benefits of operating more cost.

Weiller said, only to see the cost of increased power supply is short-sighted. Better integration of applications, improve productivity and IT resources, the release of the proceeds will be part of the increase in energy bills. He said, you always need to step back and look at total cost of ownership.
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Cisco: Voip's Hidden Costs Of Using Ethernet-voip, Internet, Ethernet - Communications Industry

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This article was published on 2010/12/21