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If you want to tune a car, it is always advisable to consult a competent mechanic. Large capacity engines give a much better return on the outlay. There are proven gains of about 20% in NASP engines on the basis of selected modifications.

The typical tuning modifications will include an induction kit, fast road cam, sports catalyst, sports exhaust, fuelling upgrades and custom headers. To get the best tuning results, you must choose forced induction cars because they are over engineered already and with a remap you could raise the torque and bhp from about a third to half more with diesel engines getting slightly less power gains as compared to petrol.

People who are concerned about getting better performance from their car can choose car tuning. Following these methods can make significant power gains on quite normal cars very easily. There are several performance tuning components available, but some of these give only aesthetic benefits. A louder engine might not necessarily suggest that a car has more power. However, many racers ignore this fact.

The turbo and supercharger are a smart way to force in more air. It is also called forced air induction. You may feel it is an easy task to achieve this, but it is surely not as simple as it appears.

This is because a typical engine will blow up if it is turbo charged suddenly. The engine’s compression ratios would be lowered through stroking the engine. Besides this, the ignition timing and fuel supply ratio would also require alteration when considering the new characteristics of air flow in turbo charged engines.

Enhancing the stopping power and handling of a car is also equally important. It really helps in unpredictable situations. Tuned cars have the tendency to build more speed prior to hitting the corners. Due to this, braking is very important for finishing a fast lap. Heavy braking generates more heat and  spec brakes from standard manufacturers start to fail when heat increases.

For stopping a car in emergency situations, big brake conversions are necessary. A remap would advance the engine timings and provide greater power and sharper acceleration. Many people make mistakes while tuning cars and a specialist should be consulted for getting the best results.

There are different stages of tuning. Stage one is  meant for one off parts,  stage 2 suggests you require 2 or more parts for fully releasing the power and  stage 3 is strictly meant  for track use due to greater operating speeds and reliability issues.

For the best tuning, you ideally require a car having a bigger engine size. It is always advisable to start with 2 liter engines. You can also choose turbo engines which respond well to tuning. You could tune up  lower power engines, but the returns in terms of expenses are not impressive.

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This article focuses on the different tuning cars methods available to get better results with your car. The various aspects relating to performance, supercharger, handling, stopping power, etc. are covered in detail.

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Car Tuning - Proves Very Effective

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Car Tuning - Proves Very Effective

This article was published on 2011/08/22